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Dyson V8 Animal Review, is it Worth the Price?

Talk about vacuums, and the name Dyson will feature prominently. Virtually everyone has heard about a Dyson brand. It’s a household name in the home care space.

Why are they loved this much?

We believe it’s because of their user-friendly design, simplicity, and wonderful suction power.

The Dyson brands have revolutionised the home vacuuming space. The cordless models have brought with them many benefits.

You can reap big by having a cordless vacuum cleaner in your home.

Continue reading to find out how.


The Benefits of Having a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  1. A cordless vacuum cleaner lacks a cord. You don’t have to worry about when and where to plug in and unplug your device. There are no cords to drag around. Your life’s hassle-free!   


Say no to CORDS


  1. Cordless vacuums can offer you immense flexibility. You can take a cordless vacuum cleaner into spaces where a corded vacuum has restrictions. You can think of upstairs and crowded spaces.
  2. A cordless vacuum cleaner is convenient to you. Imagine having a quick job that needs done in a restricted space. A cordless vacuum cleaner comes in handy!
  3. Cordless vacuums boast of quiet technology as opposed to the corded types. A corded vacuum cleaner can run at around 75dB. This is noisy by all means. A cordless cleaner runs at half that level. You can vacuum comfortably without disturbing your occupants.
  4. Guaranteed safety. Electricity is a major source of risk factors in the home. Working with battery-powered vacuums is safer than using corded cleaners. You can eliminate the risks by using a cordless cleaner.


So, do you see now? Having a cordless vacuum cleaner is beneficial to you.

Choosing a good cordless vacuum cleaner is a challenge. The real challenge is when the devices to be are from the same household brand like Dyson! You need to make careful considerations.

What Do You Need To Consider When Choosing A Good Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

  1. Versatility—A good cleaner is versatile. It’s easily converted into multiple uses. You can convert it into a stick cleaner, and into a hand-held conveniently.

What makes the conversion possible?

There’s the wand, the floor head, and other attachments. You can use the crevice tools to clean skirting and tight corners. Dusting brushes will clean your tabletops. A docking station is for storage and charging.

  1. Battery life is a very important feature in a cordless vacuum cleaner. Go for a battery with a long run time.
  2. Battery charging is another important aspect of cordless vacuum cleaners. Choose a cleaner that has multiple charging options for convenience. There are those that have DC charging options, and docking station charging. It’ll ensure that your vacuum cleaner is always ready.
  3. The dust collection container is crucial. Cordless cleaners have either a bag or a canister for dust collection. If fitted with a bag, it’s a “bagged” vacuum cleaner. If it has a canister, then it’s a “bagless” vacuum cleaner.

Bagged cleaners are better in dust collection. If you opt for a bagless vacuum cleaner, then choose one that has a large canister capacity. You won’t be emptying the cleaner often.

  1. Easy Maintenance. Regular cleaning of your cordless vacuum is important. It can make your device durable. Choose a device that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Would you choose the Dyson V8 Animal for your vacuuming tasks? If you’re a lover of animal pets, then here’s your companion.

A review here will help you make an informed decision.


Dyson V8 Animal Review


The Dyson V8 Animal is a downgraded version of the V8 Absolute. Although it can’t match the new Dyson V11 Absolute, it’s still a wonderful vacuum. You’ll spend less buying it.


The V8 Animal is strong enough to replace a corded cleaner in picking up pet hair.


  • It's affordable at $349.99 and will still give you pretty good suction.
  • It’s easy to use anywhere in your home or in your car by converting into multiple uses.
  • It’s lightweight and has a little more versatility in movement. It’s easy to lift.
  • Easy to empty the dustbin container by using a snap lever.



  • Shorter run time of 40 minutes for large spaces.
  • Less suction power at 115AW when compared to its predecessor at 135AW.
  • Long battery charging at 5hrs to full capacity.
  • Dustbin container rather small for homes with pets.
  • Some parts feel flimsy—too much plastic.

Key Features

  • Has a maximum run time of 40 minutes.
  • Has a washable HEPA filter—to inject your home with clean air.
  • It's powered by a digital motor to produce strong suction power for most jobs.
  • Has greater usability with the LCD screen—you’re better off monitoring your operations.
  • It’s lightweight, weighing 2kg, hence increasing its versatility.
  • Large dustbin container—it takes some time to fill. No need to worry about frequent emptying.

What is the Dyson V8 Animal? 

The Dyson V8 Animal is the predecessor to the V10 Cyclone. It’s a complete copy of the defunct V8 Absolute. Dyson no longer sells the V8 Absolute! And as the name suggests, it’s suitable for owners of animal pets.

The Dyson V8 Animal weighs less and is still good at what it does. One drawback though: it lacks the direct-drive hard floor polishing brush of the V10 Cyclone models.

It’s cheaper at less than £400.00 and does great cleaning jobs than the V7 models.

Do you still need more convincing?

Then continue reading this Dyson V8 Animal review to the end.


The Design



The look of your vacuum is important. The Dyson V8 is sleek. You can use it in multiple ways. It’s a handy 2 in 1 design! Used as either a handheld vacuum or a stick vacuum.

The V8 has key features that end up making all the difference to you. There are extras that include:

  • Strong power provided by the Dyson digital motor V9.


  • User interface to choose between a stick vacuum and a handheld vacuum
  • Dust capacity and
  • Efficiency

The Dyson V8 Animal also has a unique head design


And added accessories


The V8 Animal has easy assembly points without complications. You connect the wand to the handheld part on one side and the cleaning head on the other if you want to use it as a stick vacuum.



To use it as a handheld vacuum, you just attach the handheld component to the special attachment piece.


The V8 design also allows you to use the vacuum as a handheld with extended reach. It’ll thus help you clean in hard-to-reach spaces.


If you need the extended reach, simply connect the handheld part to the wand, and then connect the wand to the cleaning head.


The connection pieces all snap-in and have a red button to release them.


The Dyson V8 Animal is small, measuring 124.4 centimetres tall, and about 22.4 centimetres deep. It’s 25 centimetres long and weighs at 2kg, meaning it’s very lightweight.


 Suction and Power

The Dyson V8 Animal uses cyclonic suction to get large debris off your hard surfaces. It is more efficient than the suction technology vacuum cleaners used long ago. The digital motor in the Dyson V8 can spin at up to 110,000 rpm.


The digital motor produces a maximum suction power of 115 AW. It’s good for low-pile carpet and high-pile carpet cleaning.

The V8 will help you get large debris off the floor because of the strong suction. You can still get the cleaner at a pocket-friendly budget.


Parts and Accessories

There’s more to this vacuum than a 2 in 1 design. The accessories supplied with and the cleaning heads.

This vacuum cleaner actually comes with two different direct-drive cleaning heads. So, you can use the right one for any cleaning job.

There’s the soft roller, fluffy cleaning head for light messes shown below.


There’s also the direct-drive cleaning head. You can use this one like any other vacuum cleaning head. It is also perfect for hardwood floors.


You also get an extension wand, a charger, and a docking station.

 You’ll have a better user experience

The V8, just like most Dyson V models, comes with other important tools. You’ll get a crevice tool, a mini soft brush, a combination tool, and a mini motorized brush tool.


You can use the motorized tools, crevice tools, and soft brush tools for cleaning fabric and upholstery.  

You can also use the cleaning heads and the stubborn dirt brush tool for hardwood floors.


Charging and Run-time

You get only one built-in battery. Straight from the box and flat on charge, the battery takes up to 5hrs to recharge. That’s going to be quite some time waiting if you run out of power mid-clean.

Rechargeable Battery

But you needn’t worry. Dyson claims you’ll have around 40 minutes’ run-time in standard power mode.

It reduces this to about 7 minutes in MAX mode when using a motorized tool.

Without the motorized tool, the runtime is approximately 25 minutes on standard power mode.




The variation in time will depend on the floor surface you’re cleaning. Getting the brush bars to move on deeper, thicker-pile carpets requires more energy than cleaning shorter-pile carpets and hard floors.


As showed earlier, the V8 Animal has great suction power. The V8 Animal operates quietly. It runs at around 75dB. It’s thus equal in noise level to a corded cleaner.

The operating noise changes once you switch to MAX mode. It becomes 85dB, and it’s really loud.

How does the V8 Animal clean?

The V8 Animal can produce exceptional results on open carpets when you use the Direct Drive floor head.

Here’s what you get.


It needs a single swipe to clear the dirt from the carpet.

Similar results occur on hard floors of parquet, laminate and riven tiles when you use the Direct Drive head.

Have a look!


A single swipe is enough to clear the dirt. You’ll notice that the head’s open front and flexible plastic bar at the rear make a very effective design for hard floors. You can achieve this without switching to MAX mode.



The bin capacity is very limited. You can face a challenge if you have larger pets that shed a lot of hair. The bin fills up really quickly. You’ll empty it often.



Over to You

Do you own animal pets? Do you have a challenge cleaning the hair shed by the animals? If you answered yes to both questions, then here’s your solution. You should buy the Dyson V8 Animal for exceptional vacuuming experience.

If you don’t have a good budget, and you’re concerned about the high price of the Dyson V8 Animal, then consider buying our latest Ultenic U11. It’s affordable, retailing at only $239.00.

And what’s more? It’ll give you top-notch cleaning services.



Ultenic U11

The Ultenic U11 is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner with a suction power of 25kPa. It can suck up stubborn pet hair, debris, and dust from your floor surfaces of all types. Unlike the Dyson V8 Animal, U11 is light.

It’s packed with advantages, just for you. And all at your budget.

Advantages of Ultenic U11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

These advantages are unique to our latest release.


The Ultenic U11 is affordable and will still give you outstanding service at pretty good suction. It has one of the longest run time. It can work for about 52 minutes without breaking power midway.


The U11 is highly versatile. Because of its miniature size, it’s carried around in dual formats. Either as a handheld vacuum cleaner, or as a stick vacuum cleaner.

As a handheld vacuum cleaner, you can use it to clean surfaces in your house or in your car.


As a stick vacuum cleaner, you can use it to remove dirt from virtually all surfaces. You can even reach the most difficult spaces in your house.


It doesn’t matter how big or small your apartment is. Neither does it matter how regularly you vacuum. The U11 will handle any kind of cleaning task.


The extension wand connects to the motor and dustbin in such a way that the cleaner balances in your hands. The vacuum is also ultra-light and small.


It’s therefore extra versatile. You can move it around the home easily.

The lightweight ensures that you can lift this vacuum effortlessly. It’ll help you clean the cobwebs at your ceiling.  


Run Time

The U11 has a longer run time than most conventional vacuums. 55 minutes is a long duration to finish your vacuum cleaning of small home spaces. You can avoid disappointments by having the spare lithium-ion battery fully charged.


The run time will depend on the operation mode selected. The U11 has three modes available: AUTO → ECO → MAX .



You can see the operation mode on the LED display screen.

Battery Charging 

The U11 has the shortest battery charging time. It takes about 2.5 hrs to charge the battery fully. This means you’ll have a shorter waiting period while your battery charges. Other models take eons to charge their batteries. It’ll take you a shorter time to charge your U11, and a longer time to vacuum.

Suction Power 

The U11 has a high suction power of 25kPa. The more suction power can help you do great vacuuming services. While it’s not possible to pick up absolutely everything on your surfaces, the U11 will remove significant stuff.

Specifications of Ultenic U11

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that is outstanding in service delivery, U11 is your ultimate choice. It has a beautiful design and an appealing colour.

You can make a comparison here to decide which one is your best fit.


You can also find a detailed comparison in this table.



The Ultenic U11 vs The DysonV8 Animal



Dyson V8 Animal

Ultenic U11

General Details




RRP: Cost





LED lights

Style Name                                             




Blue and Silver

Blue and Green

Power source

Battery Powered

Battery Powered

Surface Recommendation


All Surfaces

Item Dimensions LXWXH

22.4 x 25 x 124.4 centimetres

11.5 x 28.5 x 69.0 centimetres

Item Weight

2 kg

1.65 kg


40 minutes

55 minutes

Special Features

Full reservoir indicator; bagless; cordless

Floor-mounted Rack

Charging time

4 - 5hrs

2 - 2.5hrs

Dust capacity

0.14 gallons


Filtration type

Washable Lifetime Filter


Suction Stages

Not Specified

3 (Three)

Rated Power

115 AW

260 Watts

Operating Volume

Super Quiet

Three Levels: AUTO → ECO → MAX

Model Number






The Dyson V8 Animal is costly at $399.99. It has inferior specifications compared to the Ultenic U11.

The Ultenic U11 is cheap, retailing at $239.00. Its specifications are far much superior to those of the Dyson V8 Animal.


The Ultenic U11 wins for having a lower price tag, superior specifications such as longer run time, shorter charging time, and more suction power among others.

So, the Ultenic U11 is a cheaper option with outstanding vacuuming services.


  • Lightweight and easy to manipulate
  • Powerful suction ,
  • Efficient
  • Long battery life


  • Not yet known

The U11 has key features highlighted here. The features make it a hot selling brand in the space.

Key Features

  • A fancy design and appearance in all parts of the product
  • Unique features, suction and function display
  • Carpet and dust detection
  • Four-layer filter system
  • Large capacity dust container of 650ML
  • Strong suction power 25kpa with an upgraded 260 Watt brushless motor
  • Quick charging of 2.5 hrs to full
  • The long battery life of up to 55 minutes run time
  • 8*2000Amh lithium-ion battery
  • LED Screen display
  • The unique floor-mounted rack.

Over to You

You have it all. A detailed review of the Dyson V8 Animal and its price tag.

The question now begs, is it worth the price?

If you’re in doubt, buy our affordable U11. For as low as $239.00, you can walk away with a top performing cordless vacuum cleaner.

The Ultenic U11!

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