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Ultenic U10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 4 in 1 Lightweight Stick Handheld Vacuum
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    【Large Suction for a Better Cleaning】

    The high-performance brushless motor provides the vacuum with a super high suction power of up to 23 KPA in max mode. This can handle most of the housework and deep clean every corner in the room.

    【Infrared Dirt Detection Technology】

    With the sensor that is equipped in the brush head, the vacuum will automatically detect and measure the amount of dust on the ground. This means that suction power will increase and the indicator light will change colors simultaneously if there is more dust on the ground detected.

    【Easy to Maneuver and One Button for Everything】

    The vacuum will run in the low section mode by default after turning on and can shift to the high section mode by pressing the button again. It will help to avoid draining the battery and be flexible for different cleaning needs.

    【Optimal Straight Line Air System】

    With the Optimal Straight Line Air System, the air delivery is substantially boosted since that the motor, filter and dust cup are all aligned in a straight line, which eventually helps to improve the vacuuming efficiency.

    【4 Stages Cyclone Filtration Technology】

    A separation assembly is applied in this vacuum to effectively separate dust and airflow, helping the HEPA to filter and reduce air resistance to achieve a better cleaning experience.

Optimal Straight Line Air System

The vacuuming efficiency is enormously raised, as the motor, filter and dust cup are all aligned in a straight line to reduce air resistance.

Infrared Dirt Detection Technology

Along with the dust sensor, the vacuum is able to detect the amount of dirt smartly. The suction power will automatically increase, and the indicator light will also change colors with more dirt being detected. 

2 Adjustable Suction Levels

There are two levels of suction power to be chosen according to your needs, and the highest is up to 23 kpa, which will be able to suck up most of the dust and hair effectively.

One Button Control

It will run in the low suction mode by default after turning on and can be shifted to the high suction mode by pressing the button again.

4 Stages Cyclone Filtration Technology

The built-in MIF metal filter can capture 99.99% of particles ejected and prevent small particles from leakage while cleaning. At the same time, it generates fresh air for an excellent cleaning experience. 

40 Minutes Long Runtime

The capacity of the 2200mAh rechargeable li-ion battery is large enough for a runtime up to 40 minutes in normal mode and 15 minutes in max mode. After being charged once, it is sufficient for a daily cleaning.

Washable & Recyclable

All filtering components are detachable and washable and all accessories can be easily washed with water. To ensure the best performance of the vacuum and its parts, please clean and reassemble them after drying in time.

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