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Ultenic D5S Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



The robot can be controlled remotely, not only by remote control, but it can also connect with the App (Ultenic) to schedule cleaning plans, adjust suction levels, change cleaning modes, etc... Being compatible with Alexa and Google Home (skill name: Ultenic Home) also allows the robot vacuum cleaner to be controlled with voice commands.


With a strong suction of 2500Pa, D5S Pro robotic vacuum can easily pick up dust, hair and dirt. The suction is available in 3 levels, which meets your different needs. It is equipped with a 400ml dust bin and 300ml water tank with mop, enabling the robot cleaner to vacuum and mop at the same time.


The robot has an upgraded sensor to create a high-efficiency cleaning path to navigate the cleaning inside the room. It cleans with 3 different cleaning modes(random, spot and edge) flexibly. You could set up a designated area with boundary strips to clean there exclusively (The robot vacuum will not across the set boundaries while cleaning).


Ultenic D5S Pro supports up to 120 minutes of constant cleaning at a low noise of less than 60db, which is ideal for both household and public places. It will automatically go back to the charging station after finishing the cleaning or when the battery is low.


A one-year full warranty and professional after-sale customer service from Ultenic. 1* Ultenic D5S Pro robot vacuum; 1* Charging Station; 1* Adapter; 1* Boundary Strip; 1* Cleaning Tool; 1* HEPA Filter; 1* Remote Control with Batteries; 4* Side Brushes; 1* Dust Bin; 1* Water Tank; 1* Mopping Cloth; 1* Manual

Multiple Cleaning Modes

In addition to Auto Cleaning, a Spot Cleaning can also be initiated to clean a designated area, in which the robot will spiral outward about 1 meter in diameter and then spiral inward to where it started to do thorough cleaning for that area. 

2 in 1 Cleaning

The robot is equipped with a 2 in 1 water tank with dust collection to do the vacuuming and mopping at the same time.

Edge Cleaning

The edge cleaning mode is supported by bilateral brushes, enabling the robot to easily clean stubborn dirt along the wall and hard-to-reach corners.

Threshold-Climbing Ability

The robot has a strong ability to climb obstacles with a height of 20mm easily.

Stay within Boundaries

The intelligent sensor can detect boundary strips, which helps to prevent valuable items from being damaged while the robot is staying in a designated area.

The strips can be divided and adjusted to different lengths depending on your preferences.

Hands-Free Control

Apart from using the APP, Alexa & Google Assistant are also supported by the robot to control, switch cleaning modes, turn on/off and schedule cleaning. 

Anti-Drop Technology

With the anti-drop sensor equipped, people can have peace of mind while cleaning as the robot can detect and avoid falling down ledges and stairs.

Items included in the package:

  • Main Unit

  • Charging Dock

  • Adapter

  • Boundary Strips

  • Main Brush

  • Remote Control

  • 4 Side Brushes

  • HEAP filter

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