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Water Tank Issues

●What to do if my D5/D5s series robot vacuum water tank leaking too much?

Put the water tank on a flat surface and check if it continue leaking. If yes, will need to replace a new water tank.

Please contact our Customer Service team.

●What should I do when there is no or little water leaking from tank?

1) Check whether the water tank is empty.
2) Check whether the cleaning pad plate is fitted correctly.
3) If using a dry, washable cleaning pad, the water tank may need time to saturate the pad. If you need to saturate the pad quickly, you can set the water volume to High in the App.
4) Use a needle to gently clean the water outlet.
5) If the problem persists, please contact our Customer Service team.

●My D5/D5s series robot leaves water marks or water stains while mopping.

⚪It's suggested not to manually wet the mopping pad, robot itself will saturate the pad from the beginning ten minutes. 

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