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Tips On Where And How You Should Place Ultenic D5/D5s Series Robot Charging dock In Your Home

At the end of a cleaning cycle or when the battery is running low, your robot returns to the charging dock to charge. Your robot needs to find the infrared signal of the charging base to return. 

Place the charging base in an open, uncluttered area:

Consistent Wi-Fi coverage will allow your robot to receive information via the Ultenic App, and it will ensure that your robot can find its home when returning to the charging base. If your mobile device has Wi-Fi coverage in that location, your robot should have enough signal strength.

We recommend you leave the following distances around the charging base: 

At least >3 ft (1 m>) on each side of the charging base 

Keep the charging base on a level surface:

Keeping the charging base on a level surface and flat against a wall will help your robot clean more efficiently. Putting the charging base at an angle will cause your robot to clean diagonally in motion with the wall. 

Wipe down the charging contacts on the charging base and robot at least once a week.

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