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Best cordless vacuum cleaners under £200 in 2021 (...And What to Consider)

enero 21, 2021 14 los minutos leen

Cleanliness is next to Godliness! Or so they say.

Have you ever doubted this adage? Even for a moment? And if not, how do you maintain cleanliness in your home?

The easiest way to cleaning your home is through vacuuming. Vacuum cleaners have come a long way.

There were the corded types. And now, there are the cordless types.

And they’ve come with humongous benefits.

Read on to believe.


What Are The Benefits of Having a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

You’re not making a mistake! The benefits of having a cordless vacuum cleaner are many.

Just consider this!

You own a two, three, or four storey building. You want to clean the upper floors of your house.

Tagging along heavy cords is very taxing. A cordless vacuum can eliminate this agony.

You only need a carry-on and you’re ready. You can vacuum areas where corded vacuums can’t clean in. Here, think about stairs and underneath furniture.

See the image here.


You can have stress-free cleaning! No worries about where and when to plug in and unplug your device.


You’re not yet done! You’ve just began.

Cordless vacuums use battery power. This means they’re convenient to use. You can carry them around. You don’t have to look for power outlets to plug in your devices.    

So, cordless vacuum cleaners come in handy when executing quick jobs in confined spaces. You can do this with minimal interruptions to the other occupants.

You’ll let them continue with their businesses unperturbed.

Here’s the screenshot!


Cordless vacuum cleaners can assure everybody a better experience.


Okay, do you need quiet time alone? Or do you have a sleeping baby? Or worse still, are you taking care of an aged person? Who requires a quiet environment?

Then a cordless vacuum cleaner has you covered!

For your information, cordless vacuum cleaners feature quiet technology that is missing in the corded types.

A cordless vacuum cleaner can therefore allow you to clean comfortably without disturbing your occupants.  May it be in the dining area or the bedroom, you will have no interruptions.



Safety is your number one concern when cleaning your home. A cordless vacuum cleaner can assure you of this provision!

How is this?

Electricity is a significant contributor to accidents in the home and other premises. Long cords and machines left lying on the floor predispose users to accidents. You can get tripped over and fall as you walk around the house.

 “SayNo To Cords! SayYes To Stress-Free Life,

This is not the case with cordless vacuum cleaners. It guarantees your safety.


The list is unexhausted. It goes on and on.

The bottom line? You should have a cordless vacuum cleaner. And ensure that it’s the best you can get. And under a budget! The budget should be less than £200.

Getting the best cordless vacuum cleaner under £200 is a big toll. You need to do your best research.


What Do You Consider When Choosing the Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Under a Budget?


Just like any other product, cordless vacuum cleaners have flooded the market. And they possess many features. So, getting one is easy.

But the question begs. Are you getting that which is best suited to your needs?

Yes, you need to get a vacuum cleaner that best suits your cleaning requirements. Here, think about your cleaning frequency, home space and surfaces requirements.

To get the best cordless vacuum cleaner under a budget in 2021, consider these factors.


Floor Type and Area

What type of floor surfaces do you have? And what’s the size of your vacuuming area?

No matter the type of your floor surface, or the area that you need cleaned, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Check out your floor type here for proper guidance.

If you have deep-carpeted floors with heavy texture, you’ll need a cleaner with a brush roller. It’ll loosen the debris and suck in crumbs.

Floors that have hardwoods, laminates or vinyl, you’ll require a vacuum that has softer bristles and wheels. It’ll protect your delicate surfaces.

If your household features a mixture of all floor surfaces, don’t panic. You can get a multi-surface use vacuum cleaner. It’ll come supplied with adjustable brush heads, varying suction speeds and soft wheels and bumpers.

Do you keep animal pets that shed off hair freely? Or do you have messy kids in your household? Then you need to search for equipment with powerful suction. It won’t disappoint.


Cleaning Frequency

How often do you deep clean your floors?

If you have longer intervals in between, then you’ll need a bigger and a more powerful machine with a wider brush head. It’ll save you the agony of making multiple passes over the same spot.

If you clean more often, a standard vacuum with powerful suction and long run time will suffice.


Power Type

It’s obvious that cordless vacuum cleaners are battery powered. You should choose a cleaner that has a long battery life for the best results. A vacuum cleaner with a 60-minutes run time on the lowest setting is just adequate.

Don’t forget to consider a model that has simple battery charging provisions. You can get a vacuum cleaner with a DC charging plug. You can also get one with a wall-mount charging system.

You’ll never run short of battery power mid-clean!


Suction Power

You can judge a good vacuum by its suction power. Consider a vacuum cleaner that has a very strong suction power. It’ll help you clean easier, better, and quicker.



“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Filtration ensures that the air we breathe is clean.

For the best results and user experience, choose a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. It’ll reduce emissions and air pollution. The air you breathe becomes free of dirt, dust, and other particulate matter.


Easy Maneuverability

Many lightweight cordless vacuum cleaners are available out there. They are easy to use and maneuver.

If you are cleaning sizeable areas, compact and lightweight devices are your choice. You can go for a 2-in-1 cleaner. It’s easily converted into a handheld or into a stick cleaner!

Because of the lightweight, the cleaner can help you clean walls, stairs, and the ceiling easier. You won’t have those body cramps which result from using heavy devices.



It’s common knowledge that vacuuming is a noisy process. If you have a sleeping baby, or you’re caring for an aged person, then noise isn’t welcome. You can search for a vacuum cleaner that’s fitted with a muffler and noise insulation. It’ll give you a better experience.


Type of Dust Collection

A cordless vacuum cleaner can contain a bag for dust collection. It can also be without a bag. Instead, it can have a canister. So what’s the difference? Having a bag or without one?

A bagged cleaner is good if you’re allergic to dust. It’s also good for the asthmatic members of your household.

Bagged cleaners come with HEPA filters that purify your air. They also have larger dust bin capacity. You can therefore vacuum for longer periods without the need to empty them.

But then, you can run into the extra costs of replacing the bags!

You can avoid the extra expense by going for a bagless vacuum cleaner. It’s reusable many times. It also comes with an easy to open dust cup when emptying the canister. You needn’t touch the debris.



The dust cup in the bagless cleaner is smaller. It fills up fast, meaning you must empty more frequently.


Are you ready now to choose your best cordless vacuum cleaner under £200 in 2021?

You needn’t worry. We’ve reviewed these five models to help you out.

Check them out and make your decision.



 1. Tineco A10 Hero


Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner has a digital motor. It can work quietly and efficiently while maintaining powerful suction. It’s under a budget at $199.99 on Amazon.

Why should you consider the Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

Here are the selling points!


Powerful Suction 

The Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a strong suction of 105W. It’s served by a 350W brushless motor that can provide ultra-quiet, powerful suction. The motor can also lift embedded dirt with ease.

You’re not yet done! There’s a 2000mAh detachable lithium-ion battery that can deliver up to 10-25 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning experience.

So, what’s your take from this vacuum cleaner?

The vacuum cleaner is very easy to use. It can give your home a smart and a deep-clean of all surfaces. The ultra-powerful suction will suck in all the dirt in your household.



Low Noise Design 

This vacuum cleaner operates at a noise level of 70dB. This ultra-quiet operation sound avoids any unwelcome disturbances.

So, what’s your take?

With the Tineco A10 Hero, you can clean peacefully without disturbing family and pets.



Convenient Detachable Battery

The detachable lithium-ion battery of this cleaner can provide up to 25 minutes runtime in regular mode. In MAX mode, the run time slumps to 10 minutes.

The run time is more than enough to deep-clean your average home. You also have the additional batteries to increase runtime.


Wall-mounted Storage & Charging Dock

The model has a wall-mounted storage and charging. You can neatly store the unit and its 3 accessories in the storage dock. You can charge your battery as you sleep.


You can keep your home tidy and organized using this provision.


4 Stages Full Sealed Filtration System

This is your best take home! The filter system can capture dust and particles of up to 0.3 microns. It can then expel fresh air with fewer allergens into your household.

You can experience lesser cases of respiratory ailments amongst your family members.


Easily Converts to a Handheld Vacuum

Lightweight body is simple to maneuver for floor cleaning. It easily converts to a Hand vacuum to clean furniture, stairs, car interior, and more.

The Tineco cordless vacuum cleaner is very lightweight. It can also convert easily into a handheld device.


With this versatility, you can meet your floor-to-ceiling cleaning needs easily. Converting into a handheld can help you clean furniture, stairs, car interior, and almost every corner of your house.  

As a lightweight stick cleaner, you can achieve high ceiling cleaning.


One-Touch Empty Dustbin

The vacuum cleaner features a very easy mechanism of emptying the dustbin. You can enjoy the simplified method of cleaning the dustbin. There are no intricate steps of bin removal or filters required. You only pull the release lever and you’re done.


Final Thoughts

Tineco A10 is not good for medium and high-pile carpets. But if you have hard floors or need an additional cleaner for quick jobs, then you’ve got a pleasant companion.

But get warned! Tineco A10 features a lithium-ion battery. It’s risky to leave the battery in its charging station for too long. It can become defective very easily.



The Tineco A10 Hero is one of the best budget cordless vacuum cleaners on the market.



2. Hoover H-FREE 500 3in1


The Hoover H-FREE 500 3in1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner



The H-FREE 500 is a medium range cleaner. That’s why it’s rated 4.3 out of 5 stars by customers.

Do you have a reason to accept this verdict?

Yes, you do. And here is the thing.


3in1 Versatility

The H-FREE 500 is highly versatile. It has three different ways of usability. You can use it on floors, high reach or as a handheld.


With a H-FREE 500, you can effortlessly clean many floor surfaces.


Ultra Lightweight

The H-FREE 500 is wonderfully lightweight. It weighs about 2.0kg.

What’s your take with the lightweight?

You can comfortably carry the vacuum around your home. You can thus use it to clean high places and in hard-to-reach spaces.


What’s more?

The Hoover is compact and small. You can therefore neatly tuck it away in a cupboard when not in use.

 The size reduces to 70cm!

You can conveniently use it to vacuum in flats and small houses.

You needn’t drill holes in the wall for storage.


Converts to Handheld

The H-FREE 500 is a multi-use device. You can conveniently use it as a stick cleaner, or as a handheld.


It is great for cleaning kitchen worktops and bookshelves.


On/Off Rotating Brush Bar

One unique feature is the On/Off rotating brush bar. When switched on, the brush bar can agitate the carpet fibres to loosen dirt and debris.

When switched off, it can glide smoothly across hard floors. It can help you produce delicate surfaces that are scratch free.

See the image above.


3 Tools Onboard

It’s a bonus to find three essential tools stored onboard the H-FREE 500. These tools are ready to use at any moment.

You can use to the integrated crevice tool, the dusting brush, or the upholstery tool to clean your home and the car interior.



Turbo Performance

You can get another bonus with the H-FREE 500. The vacuum cleaner offers the convenience of cordless cleaning throughout your home. It has three operation modes.

In auto mode, you can get up to 40 minutes of fade-free. In standard mode, you can get up to 25 minutes of power. When you switch on the TURBO mode, you’ll get 8 minutes run time.


What’s your takeaway?

The TURBO mode is for tough cleaning tasks. You can have incredible pick up on fine dust and larger debris.


Convenient Charging

The H-FREE 500 can give you the convenience of charging the battery independent of the vacuum cleaner. You can remove the battery and charge it from anywhere.

The good thing is that you can monitor the charging status through an LED light.

 The Battery pack

You can also enjoy a 12 month manufacturer warranty with your H-FREE 500.


Final Thoughts

Since the H-FREE 500 is ultra-lightweight and compact, it can match a corded vacuum in performance. It’s also designed to suit urban living. You can easily store it stored in a small cupboard or even under a table.

It can also offer you three modes of run time.



 3. JASHEN V16


JASHEN V16 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 



“JASHEN V16 is one of the most versatile, easy-to-use vacuum cleaners on the market these days.”


What’s the validity of this statement?

You can read the selling points of JASHEN V16 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner here to find out.


Upgraded Digital Motor

The JASHEN V16 has an impressive extreme suction of 350W. It’s supplied by a digital brushless motor.

You can use the strong suction to lift embedded dirt with ease. You can effortlessly pick up dust, animal hair, and particles from surfaces.


Removable Battery

The JASHEN V16 has a 25.2V/2500mAh detachable battery that can deliver up to 15 minutes of running time in Max mode.

It has three running time modes: 15 minutes in 350W, 20minutes 270W. The run time can peak at 40 minutes in 115W.

You can charge the 7 cells-battery from a plug-in charger or the wall charger. You can also get spare battery packs to extend the running time.


Intelligent Screen Display

This high-end technology in the JASHEN V16 vacuum cleaner is admirable. It uses a red light to remind you when to clean the filters.

The intelligent screen display can also show you the selected power mode, remaining run time and filter cleaning alert.

You can effectively monitor the performance of your vacuum cleaner.


Large Floor Brush

This vacuum cleaner features a large floor brush. With it, you can attract more dust.  The soft roll can help you protect the hard floor. It can also prevent hair twining from carpet floors.



Final Thoughts

The JASHEN V16 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has the perfect carpet-cleaning performance for your home.

The model is Amazon's choice product. It’s rated 4.6out of 5stars by customers. Many customers praise the innovation and flexibility of the vacuum cleaner.

You can use the two-in-one dusting brush bought together with the vacuum. With the 2-in-1 dusting brush, you can effectively clean both your carpet and hardwood floors.



4. Hosome Cordless Vacuum



Hosome Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Hosome Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has all the hallmarks of simplicity. It features a 4 in 1 design to expand its versatility.

You can find out here how it does this.


12 Kpa Strong Suction

Hosome vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction of 12 Kpa. It has a 2200mAh rechargeable battery. You can charge the battery for 4.5hours when it’s flat on charge.

When fully charged, the battery can have a running time of between 15 minutes and 30 minutes. The run time is adequate to complete your cleaning tasks.


Upgraded 4 Stages Filtration System

The filtration system features 3 layers of HEPA filters and 1 layer stainless steel mesh.

The upgraded filtration will ensure you and your family get clean, unpolluted air to breathe.

You can have the convenience of washing the filters once they get clogged up.


4 in 1 Design

The vacuum cleaner has four pieces that come handy for your complete cleaning. You can use the long detachable stick to convert into either a stick or a handheld within no time.

You can use the long stick to clean sizeable areas. The handheld mode will help you clean low surfaces, furniture, hard-to-reach corner and car interiors.



Lightweight and Easy to Operate

The Hosome is a lightweight stick vacuum cleaner that has strong suction. It weighs in only 1.5kg. You can carry it around your home with ease.

It has a switch button that you can use to adjust the operating speed. It’s a user friendly device. Old and young alike can operate it easily.



Final Thoughts

The Hosome is the only cordless vacuum cleaner that offers good after-sale service. You can get a 30 days no-reason return. You can also get 24 months after-sale service for free.



Undoubtedly, the Hosome is the best domestic helper.


 5. Ultenic U11 cordless vacuum cleaner


The Ultenic U11! You’ve come home to the home of innovation and affordability.


Here are the reasons!


Fancy Design and Appearance

The Ultenic U11 features a fancy design and appearance in all parts of the product.

See the image below.



Strong Suction Power

The U11 has a high suction power of 22kPa. The more suction power can help you do great vacuuming services. While it’s not possible to pick up absolutely everything on your surfaces, the U11will remove significant stuff.


Run Time

The U11 has a longer run time than most conventional vacuums. 52 minutes is a long duration to finish your vacuum cleaning of small home spaces. You can avoid disappointments by having the spare lithium-ion battery fully charged.

The battery also has a quick charging time of 2.5 hours to full charge. It’ll save you time.



Carpet Pressurisation

You can pressurize your carpet and remove stubborn and ground-in dirt effectively with The Ultenic U11 cordless vacuum cleaner.


You can also vacuum your other fabrics and floor surfaces with this cleaner.



Intelligent Dust Detection

The Ultenic U11 has a sensor that detects dust in real-time.

 The sensor has LED lights to show the presence or absence of dust on your surfaces.


With this provision, you can ensure that your surfaces are spotlessly clean!

This vacuum cleaner has an electric anti-mite brush fixed into the suction tip holder.

The electric anti-mite brush will help you clean hard floors, tiles, thick carpets, sofas, mattresses, cribs, and other fabrics.



Four-Layer Filter

Our vacuum cleaner has a four-layer filter equipped with the HEPA feature. It has the main assembly unit and the filter sponge.

You can effectively filter out pollen, pet dander, and dust mites with the Ultenic U11. You’ll therefore have improved health, with reduced allergic reactions.


Large Capacity Dust Container

The Ultenic U11 vacuum cleaner has a large dust container of 650ml.

You don’t have to empty your vacuum very often. The large dust container will save you time.



The Floor-Mounted Rack

Ultenic has this unique feature. Other mainstream vacuums have wall-mounted racks.

The floor-mounted rack is primarily for storing the vacuum. You can also use the floor-mounted rack to charge your vacuum cleaner.



Final Thoughts

The Ultenic U11 a winner compared to the other four cleaners reviewed here. It has the high-end innovation that’s lacking in the other models. The groundbreaking innovation justifies the slightly higher price of £179.

But £179 is nothing compared to the comfort you can get from our latest product. Buy the Ultenic U11.




We’ve said everything here. You can reap big by buying a cordless vacuum cleaner under a budget in 2021. You’ll perform your cleaning tasks cheaply. Your home will receive a smart and a deep-clean treatment to your satisfaction.  


But then you must do a thorough research to know what to consider in choosing an affordable vacuum cleaner in 2021.


Each model reviewed here has salient features. But the new Ultenic U11 takes it all. It has unique selling points! And it’s the reason the price is slightly higher.


See these features here.


  • A fancy design and appearance in all parts of the product
  • Unique features, suction and function display
  • Carpet pressurisation and intelligent dust detection
  • Four-layer filter system
  • Large capacity dust container of 650ML
  • Strong suction power 22 kpa with an upgraded 260 Watt brushless motor
  • Quick charging of 2.5 hours to full
  • The long battery life of up to 52 minutes run time
  • 8*2000Amh lithium-ion battery
  • LED Screen display
  • The unique floor-mounted rack.


If you’re looking for the best cordless vacuum cleaner under £200 in 2021, buy the Ultenic U11. Although it costs slightly higher than other cheap models at £179, the selling points are incomparable.


You can buy innovation for only £179 if you get the Ultenic U11 cordless vacuum cleaner now!


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