Ultenic U10: The Best Budget Cordless Vacuum Cleaner For 2021

Cordless vacuum cleaners have flooded the world’s market in recent years. But one such product is outstanding: Ultenic U10!

A search in Amazon reveals that this house cleaning appliance is highly rated. It’s topping the charts at 5.0 out of 5 stars. And doing so in less than a month after its release! 


  • Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner

Customers who have purchased it are full of praises!

One happy customer had this to say about the multi-purpose Ultenic U10 vacuum cleaner:

"I've been looking forward to it since I bought it. I like the design because it is a beautiful red. It is quieter and has better suction power than the vacuum cleaner I used before, and it is not tired even if I clean the whole house. I'm happy that my hair can be sucked up without getting tangled."

Here’s the screenshot


And alas, the product is ‘chic’, beautiful red, and extremely lightweight.


And the cost? It’s the best budget ever!


But are customer accolades enough to lure anyone into purchasing Ultenic U10? What's the hype behind this product?


Find out here what makes this spectacular handheld vacuum cleaner to tick!


Design and Appearance 

Other brands of vacuum cleaners have been rated highly in the past from customer reviews. Although design and appearance call for an extra cost, Ultenic U10 defies all odds. It’s very cheap and yet cool in design and appearance. Its red allure is appealing to the eyes. The flickering Red and Green LED lights when in operation are just awesome.  

See what I mean here.


 The red lamp flickers on when there is dust. And when there’s no dust, the green light flickers on.  


 Fitted with narrow brushes to clean between crevices and deep spaces.


The design can be alternated either into a handy cleaner or stick cleaner to clean high surfaces such as walls and ceilings.


Hmm, you can’t also fail to notice the LED flickering blue light fitted in the handy cleaner to indicate the suction power of 23000Pa


The weight is super light, to enable miniature women and children to work with ease. 


There is one final astounding provision in the design and appearance! Space for storage and charging on the wall. It aims at economizing on space usage.


All these beautiful inclusions in design and appearance don't call for an extra expense. Everything aims at making the customer experience the innovation of a cheap vacuum cleaner.


Suction and Function Display 

Function displays are to indicate whether the appliance is operational or not. The components associated with this functionality are simple. And complete!

I bet they are also very cheap, as opposed to other expensive brands. Although the design is a matter of class, calling for exorbitant resources, Ultenic U10 is not a high-end product. It is simple in design and cheap. But it’s able to meet basic requirements effectively and efficiently. Thanks to outstanding features.

Take a look!


High Power Motor

Fitted with a brushless high power motor, Ultenic U10 maximizes at 23000Pa suction power. This power is capable of sucking dust in a moment.


Hmmm, the user gets the best experience from this product. Its efficiency and simplicity complete cleaning tasks in a short time.

You’ll be surprised how fast debris, dust and small crawling insects get removed from floor surfaces.


Dust Sensor

Most conventional vacuum cleaners lack a dust sensor. Yes, this feature makes Ultenic U10 unique.

Why? Because the dust sensor ensures that nothing is left to chance – no single dust particle missed out during cleaning.

And how do you get to know whether your surface has dust particles?


The dust detection sensor has two LED lamps. A dusty surface will cause the lamp flicker RED. But if the surface is clean, the light flickers GREEN.

Just have a sneak peek here!


The glowing sensor will ensure that surfaces are spotlessly clean. That’s the beauty of innovation in Ultenic U10.



Just imagine how cumbersome it would be, hoisting a weighty appliance around the house? No, it won’t give you the best of experiences.


The super-lightweight Ultenic 10 model is a blessing in this aspect. Just weighing a paltry 1.25kg, small women and children love using the cheap vacuum cleaner.


And it looks like child-play!



Users can even handle the cleaner with one hand, smiling all the way.


This extremely lightweight house cleaning tool is so convenient that many homeowners are looking for it. The good thing about it is its ability to clean high surfaces like curtain tops and ceilings.


Customers are full of accolades about the convenience of the cleaner.



Ultenic U10 comes with the right accessories! Two types of brushes: one sofa – type brush, and one gap nozzle. These accessories are on a needs-arise basis.


The 2 – in – 1 gap nozzle type brushes are suitable to clean narrow crevices on laptops and car interiors.



And the sofa – type brush is very convenient in cleaning sofa-cushions and other fabrics.



And yet, you can still fit a floor roller and a stick into the motor to produce a stick vacuum cleaner.


It gives you the conventional cordless vacuum cleaner.




I marvel at seeing how much more you can do using the Ultenic U10.


Every piece of accessory can perform specific cleaning tasks in the house. These can range from sprucing beds, settees, ceilings, car interiors, and furniture crevices.


You can manoeuvre your way around the house in whichever manner you like. Whether living alone or with your family members, it doesn’t matter. You got your back covered! Ultenic U10 is your reliable friend. Just at your best budget.


Storage and Charging Areas 

Ultenic U10 is unique in design. It has a provision for storage on walls, which eliminates the problem of unnecessary clutter on the floors. It saves on space and minimizes cases of accidents in the house! The floor space remains neat.



Innovation is awesome! While still mounted on the wall for storage, the method facilitates charging of the main unit. Killing two birds with one stone, I’d say.


This charging method does not affect the removable battery in any way. You can still remove the battery from the main unit and charge it externally.


The good thing is that the main unit has an accessory storage stand. This eliminates the risk of dropping the battery or losing it. The storage stand is so tiny that it doesn’t occupy space.


Bonus Tip


Ultenic U10 has a lithium-ion battery of a large capacity. A 2000mAh. It means that the battery can run for 35 minutes continuously, when on high mode. This running-time is rare in other brands of vacuum cleaners.


When on minimum mode, the battery’s running time is between 4 and 6 hours, off charge.


So, what’s the catch?


You can conveniently use Ultenic U10 as a handheld vacuum cleaner or even as a stick cleaner.


It’s so easy to carry around due to its ultra-lightweight!


Product Comparison with DysonV8

Ultenic U10 is incomparable with other products. It is top-rated on the Amazon. Maybe because it's the “new kid on the block.” Or simply because of the product rocks.

Voted 5.0 out of 5 stars, customers on the Amazon cite various reasons for their choices. Some praise the product’s ultra-lightweight. Others are obsessed with the chic and beautiful red appearance. And the majority like the friendly budget.

So, between Ultenic U10 and Dyson V8, which cordless vacuum cleaner would you choose?

Let’s find out here!



Ultenic U10


Dyson V8




Yellow and Blue

Suction power



LED lights






Running time


7 – 40mins

Charging time

3 – 6hrs



1.25 kg


Dust capacity



Filtration type

Not specified



1- Gap Nozzle, 1- Sofa brush

2-floor heads


69 X 28.5 X 11.5 cm

124.4 X 22.4 X 25 cm





5.0 out of 5 stars

4.6 out of 5 stars



Accessories Display 

Ultenic U10 best budget cordless vacuum cleaner doesn’t compromise the quality of accessories supplied. Each item has a specific function.


  • High Power Motor
  • Brushes
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • LED Sensor
High Power Motor


This brushless accessory, fitted with a powerful motor is rated at 23000Pa. It has a provision to attach the necessary brushes for cleaning various surfaces.


With this suction power, the motor is capable of sucking dust and dirt of different sizes. Set at maximum, the motor operates with great ease.




The appliance comes with two types of cleaning brushes.


The 2 – in – 1 gap nozzle can clean difficult spaces in the house. Car interiors, narrow gaps between computer keyboard buttons, and deep floors of sofas through cushions.



The sofa – type brush is capable of cleaning various types of fabrics such as upholstery in cars and sofa cushions and covers.


You can use these two types of brushes to transform the cordless appliance into a handheld cleaner.


Lithium-Ion Battery


The removable battery has a high capacity of 2000mAh.


You can remove the battery when charging. Alternatively, you can charge the battery while in the main unit, using the wall-mounted storage method.


When fully charged, the battery can run for between 4 and 6 hours on low mode. It can run for 35 minutes on maximum mode.


LED Sensor 


The LED sensor is a state-of-the-art-technology capable of detecting dust on surfaces. This innovation is lacking in most conventional vacuum cleaners.


Dusty surfaces will make the red lamp flicker. Clean surfaces will make the green lamp flicker. With this dust detection sensor, it becomes difficult to leave dust on your surfaces.


Bottom Line: Why choose U10? 

The Ultenic U10 is top-rated on the Amazon. Customers have voted it 5.0 out of 5 stars. 32 countries worldwide have already accepted this best budget cordless vacuum cleaner. The newest kid on the block!




  • The large suction power of 23000Pa
  • The maximum running time of 35 minutes
  • Large dust collection capacity of 650 ML
  • Presence of a dust sensor
  • Ultra-lightweight




  • Few accessories supplied

The Ultenic U10 has one outstanding feature though! The dust sensor.

 What are your thoughts?


Why choose U10?




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