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Four cordless vacuums with longest run time in 2021 (... Plus Your Takeaways)

Januar 25, 2021 14 Min lesen

Do you differ with this statement? And if you do, what is your standpoint? What do you consider most desirable in a cordless cleaner?

Different users prefer certain features in their vacuum cleaners. Some like the suction power. Other users admire the filtration system. And the list goes on and on!

But listen. A longer battery life is beneficial in a vacuum cleaner. This is according to customer reviews. Accessed customer ratings reveal the frustrations in a short battery run time. Many customers would go for a cleaner with the longest run time.

You can benefit most from a cordless vacuum cleaner that features a longer battery run time. The screenshot image here can help you understand the argument.


So, do you understand why a longer battery run time is your number one feature in a cleaner? It can benefit you significantly if you are looking to have a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Talking of having a good cordless vacuum cleaner, what benefits are you looking for?

Continue reading to identify your takeaways.


The Benefits of Having a Good Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaners have never lacked beneficial features to the user. You can reap great takeaways from a good cordless vacuum. If you’ve a good budget, then don’t hesitate.

Choose a good cleaner and you can live to enjoy the following takeaways.



Many cordless vacuum cleaners are controllable and easily converted into different models. The lack of a cord and the 2-in-1 design make a cordless cleaner great for your cleaning services.

Without a cumbersome cord, you’re not concerned about lagging the long extensions to power points. With the 2-in-1 design, you can easily convert into a stick or a handheld cleaner. Convenience is at your beck and call!




Cordless vacuum cleaners are great if you prefer the lightweight feature. With such a cleaner, you can vacuum your hard to reach areas easily. You can also move the cleaner to all areas around your home.  




Do you mind about your hygiene? If you do, then choose a good cordless vacuum cleaner. You can enjoy the innovative technology of a hygienic release button among other features.

By pressing the button, you can effortlessly deposit all dust and debris into your chosen receptacle. You needn’t touch the dirt!


The bagless construction of the cleaner can save you a great deal of money. You never need to buy extra bags. You only need to empty the dustbin.


Clean Air

A good cordless vacuum cleaner features the cyclonic technology design. This technology ensures that you have powerful, consistent suction each time you vacuum.

The filters inject fresh air into your home. Your household can breathe unpolluted air. Thanks to the cyclone filtration system!




Safety has never been an issue with cordless vacuums. Because they use green energy, you’ll have a safe environment to live in.

Imagine of a situation where you’ve no outrageous pollutants! Pollutants like hydrocarbons, electromagnetic waves ... name them. Yes, your risk factors reduce!

It’s now clear that you can benefit from having a good cordless vacuum cleaner. How then do you choose yours?

You can find out how by reading on!


What You Need to Consider When Choosing a Good Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Many brands of cordless cleaners exist out there. Like any other product in the Tech space, users get confused when making buying decisions. So, you can easily fall prey to the confusion.

To avoid getting trapped in the confusion, you need to conduct thorough research. By knowing your cleaning requirements, you can easily identify what you need in a vacuum cleaner.

Consider these factors here to choose nicely.



Cordless vacuum cleaners are lighter than most ordinary upright vacuum cleaners. They weigh 3kg on average, compared with 7kg for a corded vacuum.  

You can get a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner weighing about 2kg. It’ll give you a better experience carrying it around the home.

If you’re cleaning up high, you won’t have problems shouldering the lightweight device as you clean.

Also, you won’t have obstructions from long cords. Similarly, you’re not concerned about your proximity to a plug socket.  



Many cordless vacuum cleaners come with wall mounts or floor mounts. This makes them easily accessible when you’ve got a quick clean-up job.

How’s this possible?

Instead of looking for your cleaner all over the house, the wall mount will let you locate it quickly. You’ll just grab it and go finish the quick job.

Fathom this! You’ve accidentally spilled crumbs over the kitchen. Or you’ve stomped bits of grass all over the hall carpet. What do you do? You just grab the cleaner off the mount and finish the task. And get on with other chores.

Therefore, choose a vacuum cleaner that has storage mount. You’ll enjoy easy accessibility for quick clean-ups.


Included Accessories

Some cordless vacuum cleaners are for floor cleaning. Then special accessories tackle smaller cleaning jobs.

Depending on what you possess in your home, choose a cleaner that has the right accessories for your needs.

Do you own a car? Or do you own an animal pet? Does your home have a mixture of floor types? What about stairs?

Regardless of the situation at your home, you have no worries. You can choose a cleaner that has the right accessories for cleaning your car, floor type, and the stairs easily.


Battery Life 

You can’t take your cleaner’s battery life for granted. It’s the most important feature in a vacuum cleaner. A battery that barely lasts 10 minutes is of no use to you.

You can consider a vacuum cleaner that can last for between 20 and 45 minutes’ cleaning time. You won’t run out of power mid-clean.

If you’ve got a budget, you can opt to have swappable batteries. You can increase your vacuum’s run time to even 80 minutes plus.

It’s not a joke! Users today prefer cordless vacuum cleaners to the traditional corded cleaners. And it’s not in vain. They’ve their valid reasons.

Read the pros and cons below to see if you agree!


The Strengths of the Cordless Vacuum over the Traditional Corded Vacuum

What would you choose between the cordless and the traditional vacuum cleaner? Check out the verdict here. 


  • Many use battery power and don’t have a lengthy cord
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to handle
  • Bagless
  • Many have the 2-in-1 design for easy conversion
  • Ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places
  • Good for low-pile carpets, bare floors, and quick pickups
  • Good for cleaning up small messes quickly
  • No bending down to clean
  • Easy to store


  • Less power than other vacuum styles
  • Less capacity than other vacuum styles
  • Noisy despite weak motor
  • Batteries frequently have a shorter-than-preferred lifetime
  • Batteries have a limited run time


The cordless vacuum cleaner is the winner despite the short battery life. But know what, these four models reviewed here remove the limitation effectively.

They have the longest run time and could be your solution.

What matters?

Read the review to find out.



1. JASHEN Vacuum Cleaner

Battery Run Time: 80 minutes


Price: £168.99 JASHEN Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner features a smart function that meets all your needs. It’s a winner for battery life.

Here are the takeaways.


Twin Battery 

The vacuum cleaner comes with two batteries. The twin powerful 2500mAh (7 cells) lithium-ion batteries can extend the run time up to 80 minutes. You can finish your cleaning without worrying about losing power mid-clean.

 You can also set the smart suction mode for a powerful suction. With the spare battery, charging your vacuum is a non-issue.


Smart Cleaning Modes

The JASHEN vacuum cleaner has three suction power modes. You can control the minimum, auto and maximum modes to clean your home conveniently.

 The cleaner also has a built-in smart sensor. It automatically adjusts suction power in proper time. You can therefore keep the right balance of power and run time when you need it.

With the sensor, you can also detect hidden dust. You’ll have a better experience when working on auto mode.


Smart LED Headlamp

Innovation is never short of wonders! The JASHEN vacuum cleaner features a smart LED headlamp that can help you vacuum in dark spaces easily.

Controlled by light sensor, the smart LED headlamp turns on/off automatically.

Look here.



Smart Floor Head

This beast is perfect on all floor types. The smart floor head can help you clean your entire floor easily. You can do a perfect vacuuming job by moving the bumper smoothly over both hard and carpet floors.

See how it’s done here. 



All-in-one LED Display

To cap it all, there’s an all-in-one LED display that will help you monitor every detail of your cleaning performance.

 On the display, you can see selected power mode, remaining run time and filter cleaning alert. And then?

You can take action for a better user experience.

What Matters?

Customer reviews never lie! The JASHEN vacuum cleaner stands at 4.3out of 5stars based on the longest run time.

Check out this one to believe.


Another super powerful praise on the battery life!



Final Thoughts

The JASHEN vacuum cleaner features two batteries to increase the run time. It’ll give you the longest run time of 80 minutes!

On the flip side, you’ll part with more money to cater for the spare battery.



2. Ultenic U11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Battery Run Time: 55 minutes


Price: £179 Ultenic U11 Vacuum Cleaner

Ultenic U11 is our latest product. It has a runtime of up to 55 minutes.It has the quickest charge time of 2.5 hours. It can save you a lot of time and money.

For only £179, you can walk away with all that. And much more!

Check out your extra takeawayshere.


Upgraded Strong Suction Power

The vacuum cleaner features an advanced brushless motor. You can therefore get a maximum of 25000PA ultra-strong suction power from it.

You can also suck up all surface dust, debris and dirt easily and smoothly.

And what’s more?

The Ultenic U11 boasts of the revolutionary Ultra Carpet Boost (UCB) technology. With this UCB, you can change the suction power automatically based on floor types.

It’s shown below here.


So, do you notice the two different floor types? And how the UCB switches the suction power automatically on sensing the floor difference?

Definitely, the UCB is the perfect fit for today’s daily household chores!


Advanced Technologies

The Ultenic is not short of innovation! The cleaner features a LED touch screen build on innovative technology.

You can clearly monitor the battery status and any error codes on the LED touch screen. Also, you can adjust three different suction levels flexibly by pressing the button on the touch screen.




  • With the LED headlights, you can clean in the dark corners super easily.
  • With the simple floor-mounted stand, you can store and charge both the vacuum cleaner and 4 different auxiliary brushes easily and neatly.
  • The simple floor-mounted stand can make your home look well-organized and tidy.

Here’s how your home can look!



Versatile Design

The Ultenic U11 vacuum cleaner is in a niche of its own! It features a versatile design you can convert into a handheld vacuum cleaner and into an upright vacuum cleaner.

What’s the best news? The ‘4-in-1 design’ comes loaded with four specialized tools: a Roller Brush, Round Brush, Long Crevice Nozzle and Mini Motorized Tool.

So, what’s the hype about?

The 4-in-1 accessories can help you clean different surfaces, objects, and furniture. Vacuuming your hard floor, carpet, bed, sofa, and the car interior has never been this easy!

It’s all shown in this image here.



You can purchase the additional Pet Hair Brush separately from the manufacturer.



Like many cordless vacuum cleaners, the Ultenic U11 is lightweight at only 2.6 kg. You can comfortably carry the cleaner around your home, cleaning in hard to reach areas.



This U11 vacuum cleaner is bagless and has a washable dust container. Releasing the dust container for cleaning is only a button away.

It means you can empty the dust container hygienically without touching the dirt and debris.

See the image here.


Another good thing is that the vacuum cleaner features the 4-stage fully sealed cyclone filtration system. You’re assured of clean, breathing air.

With the help of a high-performance HEPA filter, you can capture 99.99% of particles and expel fresh air while vacuuming.

See the image above.

What’s your takeaway from here?

You can reduce cases of respiratory ailments among your household members. It means you can have reduced expenditure on medical bills.

Another takeaway is that you can have a ‘Worry-free After-Sales Service’ for one-year form the Ultenic customer service team.


What Matters?

We don’t have a customer review yet. But the Ultenic U11 has wonderful features which are transforming our vacuuming tasks.

With a battery run time of 55 minutes, and going for only £179, powering the rotatable brush head for longer is possible. And cleaning in the hard places is achievable.

See the evidence here.


You can clean in dark places and hard to reach areas like underneath furniture, with ease.


Final Thoughts

The Ultenic U11 features a single battery that can offer you a run time 55minutes. For £179, you can get a cordless vacuum cleaner that boasts of groundbreaking technology. When there’s an offer, the price tag can go down to £146.53. 



The Ultenic U11 is the most cost-effective cordless vacuum cleaner among the four with the longest run time. With a single battery, you can get the longest run time at a budget.  


3. Vax ONEPWR Blade 4

Battery Run Time: 45 minutes


Price: £199.00; Vax ONEPWR Blade 4.

Products will always keep on improving! The Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 has gone a notch higher. And probably the reason for the higher price tag of £199.00.

The manufacturer claims that the Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 is their best for tougher cleaning and busier homes. With the Vax ONEPWR Blade 4, you can clean carpets better than the UK’s top 3 best-selling cordless vacuum cleaners.

Add a motorized pet tool and the benefit of antimicrobial protection, and then you’ve got a complete makeover.  

Okay, do you believe the hype?

You don’t need to. But you can read the takeaways to change your mindset.


Removable ONEPWR Battery

This vacuum cleaner comes supplied with one battery that gives you up to 45 minutes runtime. You can therefore have plenty of time to clean without recharging.


With the powerful battery, you can get assured of continuous cleaning performance.

In case you lose power mid-clean, don’t worry. You can always replace with the spare ONEPWR battery and keep going!

Another bonus is that you can take only 3 hours to charge your battery to full. You don’t need to hang around waiting for your battery to charge.


See? you can continue with your vacuuming uninterrupted!


Lightweight and Innovative Design 

The Vax cordless vacuum is lightweight at about 3kg. Its innovative design makes it perfectly balanced. You can reach up high places effortlessly and easily.


You can have a better cleaning experience. Just one-handed!


The Mini Motorized tool 

The Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 comes supplied with the VAX mini motorized pet tool. With this accessory, you can achieve light work of cleaning pet beds, car boots and upholstery with ease.


The VAX mini motorized pet tool is compact but tough. It can give you powerful multi surface cleaning for compact spaces.


If you have animal pets and a car, this vacuum cleaner is your best bet.



Removable Bin

The Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 vacuum cleaner is bagless. It has a removable bin which is simple, hygienic and easy emptying. You simply pop off the removable bin and empty.


And the process is hygienic. You do not have to touch the dirt with your hands.

What’s more? The long runtime battery can do more for you. It can enable you to continue having strong suction power even when the dirt bin is full.


Talking of the dirt bin! It’s fitted with a dust vault and a dust tracker. With these two features, you can give your home a perfect clean, with no speck of dust. 


What Matters?

Customer reviews have it. They have decided. They’ve rated the Vax 4.3 out of 5 stars. And here are their voices.




Final Thoughts

The Vax cordless vacuum has one major selling point. It lasts longer!

With the detachable battery, you can have a spare to increase the run time.

On the flip side, the Vax is more bulky and heavier. Moving it up the stairs isn’t easy. But all the same, you can finish your cleaning with the ONEPWR battery within 45 minutes.


4. Hoover H-FREE 200

Battery Run Time: 40 minutes


Price: £149.99 H-Free 200 Pets

The cordless hoover is suitable for many flooring. You can conveniently clean your home with the vacuum’s longer runtime of up to 40 minutes.

What other takeawayscan you get from the H-FREE 200 PETS vacuum cleaner?

We’ve done a thorough review of this cordless hoover. See what we’ve got for you here below.


Longer Runtime

Yes, it’s already mentioned! As a handheld, the cordless hoover can give you a runtime of up to 40 minutes. This is enough duration to clean all surfaces in your home.


Alternatively, you can get up to up to 25 minutes to work on your floors in standard mode.



Removable Battery

The good thing is that the H-FREE 200 PETS vacuum cleaner has a removable battery.

Better still, there’s an LED light on the battery to show charging status.

So, you can remove the battery pack and charge it separately. And you can choose your most convenient charging method.


Ultra Lightweight

Listen to this... the H-FREE 200 PETS is lightweight, weighing just 2.2kg.

So, what’s your takeaway here?

You can comfortably carry the cleaner all around your home.


You can also use the vacuum effortlessly to clean up high, above floors and in tight spaces throughout your home.


Deep Cleaning

The H-FREE 200 PETS vacuum cleaner is good for people with animal pets. You can use the device on your sofa cushions to suck in pet hair.


It has enhanced dust pickup from all floor types. Thanks to the floor-head that can recline back while flat to the floor. It’ll help you glide effortlessly around and under furniture.


The vacuum cleaner features a rotating brush which designed for carpets. By pressing the “CARPET” button, you’ll notice how great the vacuum picks up dirt from carpets.



The H-FREE 200 PETS vacuum cleaner has special tools which you can choose to clean specific surfaces in your home.

You can therefore use the device as a handheld for cleaning your car interior. You can also use it to dust surfaces or clean in hard to reach areas. You only need to choose the right tool!



Easy-to-Empty Bin

Bagless vacuum cleaners have a dirt bin instead of bags. The H-FREE 200 PETS vacuum cleaner features a 0.7 litre bin, which is easy to empty.

You can quickly press the release button to open the dirt bin lid. You won’t be struggling to remove the lid like in other models.


What do the customers say?

Here are their voices.

From 1,347 customer ratings, the H-FREE 200 PETS vacuum cleaner rates 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Sample these two screenshots!




Cordless vacuum cleaners are easily the most preferred models because of their maneuverability and versatility. You can conveniently convert a cordless vacuum cleaner into a handheld or into a stick.

But when the vacuum cleaner features a longer run time, it is super desirable.

You can get many takeaways from a vacuum cleaner that has a longest battery run time.

Here are the pros and cons



  • Many use a single super powerful battery
  • Have a spare battery to increase run time
  • Are extremely lightweight and easy to handle
  • Convenient without losing power mid-clean
  • Many have the 2-in-1 design for easy conversion
  • Ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places without losing suction power
  • Good for low-pile carpets, bare floors, and quick pickups of suborn dirt
  • Have removable battery for easy charging
  • Easy to store and charge using the storage rack



  • Batteries frequently have a shorter-than-preferred lifetime
  • Batteries have a limited run time


    All the four cordless vacuum cleaners reviewed here are good in solving your problem of limited run time.

    But when we bring in price tag, the Ultenic U11 emerges the winner.


    The U11 has a single battery. It can give you a running time of 55 minutes from the single battery.

    And what’s more? It’s affordable!

    For only £179, you can vacuum your home without worrying about losing power mid-clean. When there’s an offer, you can part with £146.53.

    If you’re looking to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner with the longest run time, think about Ultenic U11.

    It won’t disappoint!


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    Cherry Chung

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