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Vax Blade 32V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, is it Worth the Price?

January 07, 2021 6 min read

What is Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

Cordless vacuums are also known as Stick Vacuum. It does not need any cables, so there aren’t any restrictions when cleaning your home. They are relatively small and are made of plastic. A cordless vacuum cleaner is a lightweight alternative. The batteries provide powerful suction. It can be used for dusting, mopping, or cleaning hard to reach areas. These machines are recommended for sucking spills and debris on hard floors or carpets.


The First Vacuum cleaner was developed in 1858 by Hiram H. Herrick, also known as the first carpet sweeper. It gathers dust with a rotating brush and had bellows for generating suction. Later in 1868, a "whirlwind" was invented in Chicago by Ives W. McGaffey; the bulky device worked with a belt-driven fan cranked by the fan that made it awkward to operate. Since then, a series of developments and modifications carried out by several scientists. Cordless Vacuum Cleaners were invented in the 1970s by a Japanese company called Electrolux. The device was called the Electrolux Ergorapido. Each battery only lasted a few minutes, so it was mostly used for spot cleaning. In 2002, Dyson invented its cyclone technology and patented it.

Key Specifications:

Table 1. Specifications of Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Bagged or Bagless



0.6 litres

Run time

45 minutes

Charge time

4 hours

Variable Power


Total Weight

3 kg


Dusting Brush and Crevice Nozzle


High Torque Cleaner Head

The soft roller cleaner head

Mini-motorized tool



Benefits of Cordless Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Smooth, quiet operation in house cleaning is the most apparent help of a cordless vacuum.
  • Gives you greater convenience in cleaning. No more dragging a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs or lugging it across the house; with a cordless vacuum cleaner, you can take it anywhere.
  • The Vax Blade cordless is lightweight, maneuverable, and cordless.
  • Because of the larger capacity batteries, cordless vacuums have a longer runtime than their corded counterparts.
  • Because cordless vacuums operate with a shower, they can go anywhere.

Why should you choose Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

  • The cordless vacuum cleaner because of its unique design get into corners and under furniture with ease.
  • It uses patented Helix technology to clean with ease.
  • This multiple floor cleaning machine uses cyclonic suction power for deep, powerful cleaning and active carbon filtration to capture the smallest dust and allergens from your home.
  • The cleans as low as the floor, making it super useful in those hard to reach places.

Things to consider while choosing Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

A good vax cordless vacuum cleaner will last you for years and be able to clean almost every floor type. With the bonus of having a lightweight, compact design, it is the perfect vacuum for the home, effortlessly tackling all sedum in the house.

  • Is it bagged or bagless?Some vacuums use bags that are discarded after the dust has been deposited. One benefit of this type is that you don't need to touch the dust and dirt when removing it. Bagless models, though, may spill a bit of dirt or other debris when emptying them because they lack the canister that comes with a bag.
  • Sensory technology:The floorhead adjusts its power and speed based on how hard it is pushing on the floor. This means you only run at high-power when you need to, saving precious battery life and the motor from overwork.
  • Headlights:The innovative LED lights installed on the moving head help you see under furniture and into dark sections of your home.
  • Smart technology:The sensor is easy to connect with your phone. It is waterproof and lightweight. The Sensor allows you to see how many calories you burn by measuring the intensity of your cleaning sessions.
  • Battery level indicator:This is a very nice feature as you instantly get an estimation of how long the charge will last. This should be really helpful if you plan on using this for extended periods of time.
  • Slit to cut hair:Hair styling models that come equipped with a long floor brush will occasionally get stuck with a strand of hair wrapped around it. A pair of scissors can cut the threads free and continue your styling session without interruption.
  • Weight:Bottom-heavy machines with the weight distributed across the floorhead will be more comfortable than those with weight concentrated in the handle. Be sure to pick a model that weighs within your comfort range, since it’s possible to have an excessively heavy machine that causes strain after prolonged use.

Vax Blade 32V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Vax Blade 32V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a cordless vacuum cleaner from Vax Cordless Vacuum Company. You can use it for cleaning your hardwood, tiles, carpets, or rugs. The cleanser has a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry and move around. It is also influential in its performance; it produces powerful suction and can be used on all flooring types.


Key Features

The Vax Blade 32V Cordless packs a powerful punch with its amazing battery life.

  • High suction power, a rotating brush bar, and a pivoting head enable this vacuum cleaner to get into even the trickiest of places.
  • It has a range of different features to make your cleaning experience as efficient and straightforward as possible.
  • Smart control technology shows which feature you are currently using and how much battery is left.

Vax Blade 32V Price: £159.00



Vax Blade 32V


Table 2. Specifications of Vax Blade 32V     


2 Year

Battery Guarantee

1 Year


32 V

Charge Time

4 hr

Battery Run Time

Up to 45 minutes

Battery type


Dust Capacity



3 kg

Model Number


Part Number



Ultenic U11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Ultenic vacuum cleaner has been a revolutionizing product which has similar functions as compared to that of Vax Blade 32V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with additional features included as less power consumption, Led light at its Broom head, Touch display and more battery timing and surprisingly takes less time for charging and most important is available in a low price than Vax Blade 32V.



Key Features

  • Carpet ultra boost and intelligent dust detection.
  • It is equipped with a four-layer filter, large capacity dust container, strong suction power with an upgraded brushless motor.
  • Capable of quick charging and long battery life.
  • The floor-mounted rack is unique, which not only can be used for storing and charging the cordless vacuum cleaner but also has the feature of storing its four auxiliary brushes.

    Hot Selling Points of Ultenic U11

    • Fancy Design
    • Incredible Suction Power
    • Touch Display


    Ultenic U11 Furniture, Boards, and curtain usage


    Vax Blade 32V,Is it Worth the Price?

    Vax Cordless Vacuum and Ultenic U11's key features clearly show that Ultenic U11 in every aspect, including Power consumption, Battery life, run time, dust storage is better than Vax Blade 32V. The price of Ultenic U11 is 83 pounds less as compare to Vax Blade 32V. Ultenic U11 is a complete package at one low price.

    Table 3. Comparison between Ultenic U11 and Vax Blade 32V


    Ultenic U11

    Vax Blade 32V

    Voltage Requirement (V)



    Charging time (hr)



    Dust Container (ml)



    Run Time (minutes)



    Price (£)




    Advantages of Ultenic U11

    • Ultenic U11 consumes less power and results in a reduction in utility Bill
    • It has less charging time and more run time
    • It is available in Cheap Price above all Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in such specifications
    • It is equipped with big dust container than Vax Blade 32V
    • It is maneuverable and compatible with versatile house cleaning

      How to Choose a Nice Vacuum Cleaner?

      • How Often Do I Vacuum?

      One of the most common how often do you clean your house with a vacuum. Before choosing your vacuum cleaner, you must determine your vacuuming frequency.

      • What Flooring Types Do I Have?

      Vacuum Cleaners vary from floor to floor depending upon their reliability and long run. So before buying a vacuum, you must point out which type of foundation you have and which Vacuum cleaner helps you perform the required function.

      • Do I Need To Control Allergens?

      This question is essential if anyone in your family has asthma or pets in your house because better air quality is necessary for both. A vacuum cleaner equipped with HEPA filters removes particulates with a size down to 0,3 microns suitable for you.

      • How Many Levels Are In My Home?

      You need to ask yourself how many stairs do you have in your house. It would help if you had a Cordless vacuum cleaner that is more convenient to carry upstairs and downstairs and have lighter weight.

      • What Additional Surfaces I Be Cleaning?

      Is there a need to clean accumulated dust from various surfaces, including furniture, curtains, flooring, moldings, baseboards, etc.? In this case, you need a vacuum cleaner equipped with multiple tools such as a brush, crevice tools, flooring nozzles, etc.

      • How much Noise Can I Stand?

      In offices and homes, a cleaner is required having low sound as below 47db to avoid disturbances. Heavy machines have loud operational sounds. There are cleaners available that can run as low as 47db at maximum power while still delivering 120 CFM.

      • How much maintenance is required?

      Usually, the bagless vacuums have a bin that needs to be emptied periodically, If your family has allergy sufferers. HEPA filters need to be replaced depending upon usage frequency. Brush rolls will collect pet fur, threads, and other debris that will need to be cleaned to maintain maximum operating capabilities.

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