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Dyson V11 Absolute Review, is it Worth the Price?

December 24, 2020 9 min read

You’re somewhat confused, right?

Corded vs cordless vacuum cleaner: Which way should you go? Should you stick with the tested and tried conventional corded cleaners? Or should you go for the versatile new cordless beauties that look sleek and chic?

Worry no more! Because I’m going to give you convincing reasons in this review.

So, what’s the hype about cordless vacuum cleaners? And what should you consider when looking for one?

Here are the facts!

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

The benefits of using a cordless vacuum cleaner are many. I’ll give you four.


Cordless vacuums are flexible and fast to adapt. They're very responsive!

You can take them into places where corded vacuums can’t venture. You’ve no stress looking for power outlets. You also forget the pain of dragging out heavy, invasive extension cords.

Take a look here!




It's convenient to use battery-powered cleaners for quick jobs in congested spaces. Just envision this: looking for an outlet to plug in long, cumbersome cords, particularly in high traffic spaces! Too annoying. And frustrating!

A cordless vacuum allows you to execute quick jobs efficiently, and to the convenience of everyone.


Less Noise

Cordless vacuums boast of quiet technology, which is missing in the corded types. You can thus clean your dining area or showroom floor without interruptions. Minimal disturbance translates to better customer experience.



Cordless cleaners are safer than corded vacuums, especially in high traffic spaces. Electricity is a major source of risk factors. Long cords and machines left on the floor can predispose users.


When you use cordless cleaners, the foregoing safety issues can be eliminated. Additionally, cordless vacuums are less invasive. You can continue working without any interruptions.


Now you're convinced. You deserve a battery-powered vacuum cleaner. But you don't know what to consider to get the best. I can help you!

Continue reading

 to find out what you need to consider.  


What Do You Consider When Choosing a Good Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

There are many models out there. Getting a good one requires a careful choice. It also requires you to know what you're looking for.  

Here are some pointers.


A good vacuum cleaner should consist of the main body and a comfortable handle. The handle should have a conveniently placed ‘on and off’ button.


There’s also the stick or the tube or the wand. It helps to convert the cleaner into multiple implements:

  • When the floor head is attached, you’ve got a normal standing vacuum cleaner.
  • Removing the head helps you suck up cobwebs on ceilings easily, or clean inside cupboards.
  • Removing the whole tube gives you the handheld. You can use it to clean the car or the table.
  • A good cordless cleaner should also come with other attachments:
  • crevice tools for cleaning skirting and tight corners;
  • dusting brushes for tabletops;
  • And a docking and charging station.
  • A good vacuum should be equally comfortable on all floor surfaces – deep carpet, wood, granite, skirting; and fabrics – curtains and sofas.


The Battery Life

The battery life is an important consideration. Some batteries last under 10 minutes on the maximum setting. Others last up to 60 minutes on the lowest setting. Users claim that “the lowest setting on the best devices was more than enough.” And there’s no need to use the max setting.


Consider a model that has simple battery charging provisions. A charging plug or a wall mount.



Good Dust Capacity

Cordless cleaners are fitted with either a bag or a canister for dust collection. Thus, they’re known as “bagged” or “bagless” vacuum cleaners.

Should you opt for a bagless vacuum cleaner, then choose one that has a large canister capacity – ranging from .33 litres to 1.5 litres. A smaller canister is very limiting.

Emptying a filled up canister is a simple affair. You’ll have to “point” and “flick” like a switch. And you’re done!

See below.



If you’re allergic to dust, or you’re asthmatic, then go for a bagged option. A bagless vacuum cleaner can expose you to the allergens when emptying the canister.

Proper maintenance of your device can give a better customer experience. So, regular cleaning of your filters is advisable recommended.



Ok, can you find these considerations in any one device?

The answer is yes.

And the device? The Dyson V11 Absolute.


I’ll give a review based on the following features.





Dyson V11 Absolute (Nickel/Blue)


I’ve never seen a design that offers convenience like that of Dyson V11 Absolute. The body has a tinny canister and an ultralight wand. You’ll also find a comfortable handle, fitted with a convenient ‘on and off’ button.

The result is a lightweight vacuum cleaner weighing only 3.01 kgs. The size is also small, measuring 1286x250x261 mm.

The Dyson V11 Absolute comes in a box packed with necessary attachments.

See below.


  • Torque Drive Mother-head
  • Soft Roller Cleaner Head
  • Mini Motorised Tool
  • Combination Tool
  • Crevice Tool
  • Quick-release Mini Soft Dusting Brush
  • Wand Storage Clip
  • Docking Station
  • The Wand
  • Main Body and Handle


And what’s more, you’ve got a choice of two chic colours: Nickel/Blue and Gold shown below.



Because of the outstanding appearance, Dyson V11 Absolute was voted “Vacuum of the Year” by some 1176 users. It got an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars.

Have a look!


Many users said they’d recommend it to their friends.

Here’s the screenshot.



The Dyson V11 Absolute vacuum cleaner is the best choice for cleaning all types of floor surfaces. Its powerful suction will effectively pick up the pet hair, dust, dirt, and other debris from your house surfaces.


And it has twice the suction of any other cordless vacuum. It'll suck cobwebs from your ceilings, and mites from sofa cushions.


The vacuum will give you a clean finish, no matter what your house cleaning tasks are.

When you remove the ward, the converted handheld receives more suction power to pick up fine dust off wall surfaces.

See how the mini soft dusting brush does it here.


The Dyson V11 Absolute vacuum cleaner is yet the most powerful in the cordless space. It’s so because of the fade-free battery power and a battery-saving trigger!

This feature monitors system performance 8,000 times a second, then reports in real-time on the LCD screen. It helps you to have control of your house cleaning.



The Dyson V11 Absolute has an outstanding feature. A fully-sealed advanced filtration. It's a washable, five-layer unit. It's easily washable.

By applying cutting edge technology, Dyson V11 Absolute uses at least five layers of advanced, whole-machine filtration to capture 99.97% of particles, as small as 0.3 microns.

See the five-layer filtration here.



It's good to maintain your Dyson filter system. You’ll extend its lifespan.

So, regular cleaning of your vacuum filter is necessary. And washing the filter unit is as easy as ABC! No rocket science.

See the screenshot below for easy understanding.



For a quick job, you can splash the filter unit using running water from a tap.


Once washed, leave the filter unit for at least 24 hours in an area with good airflow. Ensure it’s completely dry before returning it to the machine.

In addition to the advanced filtration system, the vacuum cleaner has a collection bin. You don't have to empty the dust bin manually. There's a push-button to empty it electronically, giving you a better experience.


How effective is Dyson V11 Absolute on Picking Pet Hair?

The Dyson V11 vacuum is superb in picking pet hair from all surfaces in your home. It could be on your carpets, hardwood floors, sofa cushions, computers, car and curtains, the device will fish it out. It’ll also find lost toys and playthings for kids.

What enhances this functionality?

Dyson V11 absolute has a fade-free power build using state-of-the-art-technology. The seven-cell nickel-cobalt-aluminium battery has sufficient power to clean here, there and everywhere around your home.

See what I mean here!


Additionally, the device is powered by a Dyson Hyperdymium™ motor. The motor spins at up to 125,000rpm, creating more suction power than most corded vacuums. The three cleaning modes makes Dyson V11 Absolute your perfect choice.


How to Empty the Dyson V11 Absolute?

Emptying your Dyson V11 Absolute is electronic! It has a pressable button. It’s designed to empty easily and hygienically into your waste bin by pressing a button.

See how it’s done here.



How to Set-Up the Dyson V11 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner

From the outset, it was indicated that the Dyson V11 Absolute is supplied with important attachments. They include the main body and handle, mother-head, the wand, among others.

All these accessories are accompanied by an instruction manual. The manual is in different languages for easy set-up by any user.

See the illustration on how to do it below.




You're convinced that this Dyson V11 Absolute is your best ideal. It delivers outstanding pick-up on both its “boost” and “auto” modes.

The boost mode will leave nothing on your house surfaces. The auto mode lets the battery last much longer while doing a splendid cleaning job.

But these extras cost more! You’ll therefore pay close to $600, which is commensurate to the services offered.

If money is not your problem, go for the Dyson V11 Absolute vacuum cleaner for the best experience.

But if you’re operating on a slim budget, consider the Ultenic U11.


Ultenic U11

Which cordless vacuum cleaner would be your best alternative?

The Ultenic U11! It’s an ultralight cordless vacuum cleaner that’s sizzling the world right now.

Just launched recently, the cleaner has become everybody's attraction. Many customers praise it for its powerful suction.

Just read this:


["The U11 does about 90% of my house on the first go (at standard suction) and then charges for 2-3 hours and then continues to finish up.

The battery life is excellent and it does a better job than the Roomba and Deebot as the suction is a lot better."]

At 22000Pa, the vacuum is getting praises for its ability to suck pet hair, dirt, and debris from difficult spaces.

Weighing less than 2.0 kgs, the device is light to be handled by anyone. The red ‘chic’ colour is an instant attraction to many users.



Ultenic U11 differs from the mainstream vacuum cleaners for its extreme lightweight. It’s therefore a perfect fit for small people and children.



It can be converted into a stick cleaner or a handheld cleaner with ease.


All the accessories are genuine. You should not worry about their quality.



LED Display

The LED display gives important operational aspects of the appliance. You can't miss a thing. And your appliance will never have a mishap without warning you THROUGH the LED display.

And this is what you can read from the LED display.

Here's what

  • Electricity display
  • Error code
  • Gear display
  • Gear selection
  • Quiet mode
  • Auto mode
  • Powerful mode




Performance for the U11 is undisputed! The powerful suction of 22kPa can effectively and efficiently clean your surfaces. It’ll suck in the dust, animal hair, termites, and debris from all difficult spaces in your home. You only need to change the cleaner head.

The large capacity dust container of 650 ml is another plus for Ultenic U11. It’ll allow you to clean your home without interruptions of regular emptying. Fewer interruptions mean quality service.

Another attractive feature of this vacuum cleaner is the HEPA filter. It’s your best protection from allergens.


Additional Features of the Ultenic U11

Round Suction Tip –Attached to the metal extension tube. Can be used to clean high places such as the ceilings, and the curtains.

Long Flat Suction Tip – Used to clean ceilings, bookshelves, computer keyboards, and narrow gaps that are not easily accessible.

Electric Anti-mite Brush – Used to pick-up mites from sofas, mattresses, cribs, and other fabrics like deep carpets.

Lithium-Ion Battery – The 8*2000Amh lithium-ion battery is very powerful. It’s removable and can be charged while outside the main unit.

Electric Floor Broom – Used to clean hard floors, floor tiles or short-haired carpets. It can be fixed to a metal extension tube for a better experience.

Metal extension Tube – Is made of the light tube to reduce its weight. It gives the product a dual advantage of being a ‘convertible.’ You can convert it into a pole/stick vacuum cleaner, or a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Instruction Manual – It’s written in different languages to ensure a better experience of every user. It makes operating the Ultenic U11 vacuum cleaner easy and safe for every user.



For only $239, you can get an ultra-lightweight vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction of 22000Pa. It’ll give you a maximum running time of 52 minutes. And you'll not fill the large dust collection capacity of 650ml that easy.

The cheap, ultra-lightweight U11 will leave your home dustless and spotlessly clean.

So, which cordless vacuum cleaner fancies you? The Dyson V11 Absolute, or the Ultenic U11?

Let's know about your choice.

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